Thomas Kuhn Award

For theoretical work which can lead to a new understanding of problems of sustainability or the applied transfer of such new solutions.

Yuan T. Lee Award

For theoretical or applied work of a multi-disciplinary or cross-disciplinary nature which relates to the natural and psycho-sciences in pursuit of sustainability.

Konrad Lorenz Award

For initiatives through which the transfer of methods and proven findings into practice appears achievable, which are obviously mature, but nevertheless not sufficiently implemented.

Honorary Pavlovian (pin)

Of the Russian Section for Excellence of Russian Scientists and the CIS

Honorary Golden Sign "All Togehter"

Of the Russian Section (Head of Ecology Commission) for the development of innovative solutions in the field of cultural ecology, environmental safety and environmental education.

Hope for the Future for a Sustainable World Award

The International Academy of Science has offered in collaboration with IUAPPA awards to outstanding individuals for contributions which can help promote the transition to a sustainable world. The awards may be given for work undertaken within any theoretical framework, intellectual discipline, or cultural context. The award process, which takes place every three years in association with IUAPPA World Congresses, is uniquely forward‐looking in its aim to give increased momentum and support to successful work in progress as well as recognising its achievements to date. All papers submitted to World Clean Air Congresses, Regional Conferences, and other recognised events are eligible for consideration. Award winners’ achievements are recognised by the award of a gold medal or other commemorative items and certificates at a ceremony during an international event.