Selection of Conferences and Conference Cooperations

(Reports and presentations see also Proceedings )

International Symposium dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Russian Section of the Internotional Academy of Sciences (Health and Ecologt) 2018, Moscow - Program

"International Conference on the Foundations of the Information Science.  "Perspectives of Information in Global Education as a new Approach for the 21st century", together with International Society for Information Studies (Austria); Russian Program Committee of the Program of UNESCO and Russian Academy of Sciences (Program), Moscow, Russia, 21-24 May 2013

4. International Conference; ”Ecological Culture in the Global World: Russian Education Modernization in theContext of International Strategies” M.A.Sholokhow Moscow State Humanitarian University, The National Information Agency «Natural Resources» (NIA-Priroda), Institute of Scientific Information on Social Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences RAN, INION, Moscow, Russia November 14-15, 2012

Natural Cataclysms and Global Problems of the Modern Civilization. International Congress, together with the Russian Academy of Sciences and Pakistan Academy of Sciences, September 19-21, 2011, Istanbul, Turkey

Gaia-Medicine: Aiming at the Reconnection between Nature and Human beeing. Japan Health Foundation Kadota Fund, International Forum 2011 (KIF 2011, Kyoto University), Organizer: Japan Council for Scientific Development (JCSD) - Japan

3.International Conference:  Human Ecology: Health, Culure and Quality of Life proceeds in Moscow, M. A. Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities October 26–27, 2011

2.International Conference:Ecology, Technologies, Culture in Modern World: Problems vs. Solution” Conference proceeds in Moscow, M. A. Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities October 26–27, 2010

1. International Conference" Ecological Problems of the Global World" , 26-27 October 2009, Moscow, Russia- Download.  Report: Herald of the International Academy of Sciences (Russian Section) Special issue  2009, ISSN 1819-5733  (Programm)

Conference “Ecology and Forests for Public Health” in Oslo, September 18—20th, 2009  in cooperation with International Academy of Science. Download 5MB

Nature Conservation and Cultural Background (Programm), The Kadota Fund, International Forum 2008 (KIF 2008) Kyoto December 13-16, 2008, Organizer: Japan Council for Scientific Development (JCSD) - Japan (Report)

International Symposium “Natural Cataclysms and Global Problems  of the Modern Civilization” (Baku, 24-27 September 2007) , Report of the Bulgarian Academy of Science, GEOLOGICA BALCANICA, 36. 3—4, Sofia, Decemb. 2007, p. 111—112. BAKU-DECLARATION OF NEW PARTNERSHIP IN DISASTER MANAGEMENT 

ICSD-IAS Symposium in the International Conference on Environment: Survival and Sustainability, held at the Near East University, Nicosia, Northern Cyprus 2007  - Conference Report: Survival and Sustainability: Environmental concerns in the 21st Century (Environmental Earth Sciences), 1400 p., Springer,  ISBN-10: 3540959904

International Conference "Computer Science and Education in Computer Science", 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Sofia, New Bulgarian University and Boston University: Proceedings of the annual International Forum: International Workshop on Computer Science and Education in Computer Science 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009

"Interdisziplinary FORUM Science and Policy", 2004 in cooperation with LMU, Munich

International Symposium "Problems of Rhythms in Natural Science" together with Ministry of Education, Moscow 2004

Conference "Symbol in System of Culture", Pedagocial University of KOMI in Syktyvkar 2004

Conference "Problems of Prophylaxis and Human Health", Moscow 2004

International Conference “World’s Culture and Tolerance in Open Education” under the aegis of UNESCO (Stavropol, April-May 2002)

Dombay Forum on Intellectual harmony and good neighborly relations (Dombay, October 2002).

The Future of Russia (social, economic and environmental aspects), St. Petersburg 1998 together with  Ministry of General and Professional Education of the Russian Federation und St. Petersburg State Technical University

Conference-Presentation "Ecology and Education: on the way to the world's culture", Moscow 1999

Conference "Sustainable Regions in Europe - Environment, Health and Education in the Context of Agenda 21",  Güstrow 2000, Federal State Government of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, University of Rostock and City Güstrow . Dokumentation - Regionale Konferenz mit internationaler Beteiligung, ISBN 3-00-007218-7, p.225-308

International Conference "Ecology and the World's culture - Priority of Planets Safety", Volgograd 200

International Symposium "The Problems of Ecology and Technology in Extreme Conditions", 2002

International Symposium "Cyclic Recurrence and Cosmological Problems", 2002

Conference "Problems of extreme situations and safety of vital functions", 2002 and 2003 together with FOVGAL and University for Architecture and Building

Third Conference "Informational mechanisms of integrative activitiy of the organism", 2003 International Symposium "Stress and adaption", Barnaul 2003

Conference on Ecology: "Models for Ecological Education and Research" and Conference "Multidimensional Approaches to Ecology", during the Congress OEKOLOGIA, Vienna 1989

International Council for Scientific Development