From 1980 until 2021 IAS-ICSD has approximately 1,500 academicans (members), including 119 Nobel Laureates and members from 81 national academies of sciences. Also a small number of representatives of public and political life, e.g. acting and former head of states and ministers were or are members.

Today ICSD-IAS unites about 900 responsible scientists, philosophers and intellectuals of the world. From 1990 new academicans are elected by the national sections on the basis of their eminent original scientific studies or exceptional achievement and of their acknowledged moral personality, without any ethnical or religious discrimination.

Because membership is achieved only by election or invitation, there is no membership application process.

Supportive  members (selection)

The foundation(1980-1990) and development phase (1990-2021) was actively supported by:

Linus Karl Pauling (Natl. Acad. Sci., USA), Alexander Prokhorov (Russian Acad. of Sci.), Sir John Kendrew (Royal Soc.), Hans Jonas (The New School),  Yurhio Ikemi (ICPM, Tokyo), Andrej Sacharow, Ilya Prigogine (Founding President of the IAS), M.Mikhailov (GSF/Int. Acad.of Sci), Helmuth Müller-Mohnssen (GSF), Eva Neu (GSF/Int. Acad. of Sci.)Bal Anand (Indian Natl. Sci. Acad.), Angel Balevski (Bulgarian Acad. Sci.), Matti Bergsröm (Finnish Acad. Sci.), Jean Dausset (Acad.des Scienes, Paris),Johann Deisenhofer (Howad Hughes Insitut), Wolfgang Jacob (University Heidelberg), Arthur Kaufmann (Bay. Acad. of Science), Partrap S. Srivastara (Indian Natl. Sci. Acad.), Lord Alexander Todd (Royal Soc.), Jean-Marie Lehn (Acad. Sciences, Paris), Walter Kofler (Russian Acad. of Sci.), Ken Takeshita (Kansai University), K.V.Sudakov (Russian Acad. of Medical Sci.), Walter Kofler (Russian Acad. of Sci.), Elchin Khalilov (Azerbaijan Section of the International Acad.of Science Baku/Munich),  Karl Hecht (Humboldt University of Berlin), Victor Khain (Russian Acad. of Sci.), W.I. Danilow-Daniljan (Russian Acad. of Sci.), Franz Halberg (Romanian Acad. of Sci.), Michael Schratz (University Innsbruck)Dieter Weiss (International Acad.of Sci.), Ralf Stappen (Int. Acad.of Sci.), Paul Hoyningen-Huene (Leopoldina,German Natl. Acad. of Sciences), Herbert Pietschmann (Austrian Acad. of Sci.), André Francisco Pilon (University of São Paulo), Thomas S. Kuhn (MIT), Hans F. Zacher (Max Planck Society) and many other well known scientists. 

Nobel Prize winners 

The following table provides a list of 119 Members (1980-2021) who have been awarded a Nobel Prize. The full list can be accessed here.

Institutional members

The instituitional IAS-ICSD Network contains over 100 research institutions, national academies of sciences, universities and research centers as institutional members. 


National Sections of the Academy were founded in: East Europe, Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Greece, India, Japan, Russia, etc.