Governance and Finance

The ICSD-IAS consists of different autonomous bodies (legal) represented by honorary presidents, presidents, directors and secretaries, with a strong decentral governance. Its activities are based on liberal principles within the frame of ICSD-IAS aims and structures. The Presidium consists of  authorised representatives of national Sections and Commissions.  The honorary members provides moral support, inspire ideas and exert a control function (right to veto). Most projects, conferences and events are supported by international, state or public Institutions, foundations, voluntary work  and member contributions.

     Picture: Example of a IAS Research Center and  Section

Legal Basis

The International Academy of Science (e.V.) and the International Council of Scientific Development (e.V.) are registered in the register of societies* at the district court Munich, Germany. The registration numbers are VR 13219 (07.9.1990) and VR 13240. Sections and committees of the IAS and the ICSD are registered associations in Austria (Innsbruck), Russia (Moscow), France (Paris), Baku, Japan, India and other countries. The ICSD-IAS as umbrella organisation, inculding non registered sections and committees is an non registered society* , conducted, controlled and represented by ICSD e.V. The legal headquarter with the global member registry (directory) is Munich. The International Academy of Science (IAS) is represented by IAS e.V, Munich. The acting governance of all sections and committees is ICSD-IAS (H & E), Innsbruck.

*The members of ICSD-IAS (membership association) agreed to the Initiating Committee (ICSD e.V.) representing the ICSD in further arrangements till the autorization of independent activities of ICSD-bodies after the complete development. ** Under german law (nicht eingetragener Verein). ICSD-Survey report. Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Social Law 1987 

Picture: IAS-Governance Meeting